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transfer from android to android - My Photos Got Formatted, How can I Recover Them?

Posted by Zackary Piersall On Mar. 18th

Today morning, I had connected my digital camera SD card to system via card reader for backing up some newly captured photos. But it asked me to format the card, without thinking anything I just clicked on "OK" option. After a while I realized that I had deleted all photos including other stuff enclosed in it by formatting. Now I am feeling helpless and not getting any idea how to unformat SD card? Is there any method to unformat my SD card? If you know anything, then please assist me as soon as possible! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It's a very common disaster and majority of the across globe experiencing such catastrophe while using SD card on computers. But, luckily now onwards no need to get panic; because here is the ultimate software known as CardRecoveryPro; by making use of this utility you can easily unformat SD card and get back all data within short span of time.

data recovery

What is Data Recovery? How does it work with transfer from android to android?

Restoration in full or in part of the data stored in deleted or damaged data files. In case of file deletion, if the space originally occupied by the deleted file is not overwritten (or the disk is not reformatted after deletion) the file may be recoverable through common 'undelete' programs. In case of damaged files (or files stored on damaged media), custom-written software and sophisticated equipment is required for any extent of recovery. Also called data restoration. See also data synchronization.

Data Recovery Solutions to transfer from android to android

Step by step guide to get back photos from memory card on Mac.

  • Step 1: Install the software version that suits to your OS of computer. You may install Mac version of SD Card recovery software if you are using an Apple laptop or computer. But if you are using Windows version instead of Mac then you may use Windows version software. The interface and usage of SD Card recovery are same.
  • Step 2: After installing software, connect your camera or any other media to your computer. You can also plug memory card into card reader (Mac machine) of computer or USB adapter. Now, launch card recovery tool and select memory card or other device from where you want to perform recovery operation. You may select your desired device from a list of drive on the software. Make sure, you are selecting format of files as "All File Types"for recovering photos. It will search all deleted files present in your Macintosh including any format such as photos, video, documents, music etc.
  • Step 3: For saving files, choose "Options" button that can be found on the upper –left corner. Remember; don't save recovered data to your memory card. You can save recovered data or photos to your computer's hard drive or any other dive. Otherwise, recovered data will not be available again to recover and overwrite to previous deleted files. Some recovery tool saves recovered files to hard drive automatically.  
  • Step 4: Now, scan your memory card by clicking on "Start Scan" button. Scanning a card will display a list of photos names. And can see preview of them. Your files will be saved in the specified location.

Don't panic when you find your photos disappeared. You can restore them with CardRecoveryPro. Still not sure if this data recovery program can retrieve your data? You can download and do a scan. You will see the photos you want to recover displayed in the window. Only three simple steps you can get your photos, videos and audo files back!

What You Should Do to Avoid Data Loss?


  • Practice best usage of SDHC memory card
  • Attempt for recovery of bad sectors
  • Take backup of valuable files


  • Do not store important files for a longer time
  • Do not use frequently on different machines

CardRecoveryPro OverView

  • Undelete pictures from formatted SD cards
  • Supports recovery of images from hard drives, external USB drives, flash drives, mp3 players and iPods
  • Rescue accidentally formatted SD card files from SDHC, microSD, miniSD, SDXC etc,
  • Undelete images from SD card used in digital cameras like Canon, Nikon, Sony and alike
  • Supports recovery of all brands of SD Cards like Lexar, Sony, Kingston, Transcend, Sandisk etc,
  • Recovered media files must be save on any drives accessible
  • Option to compress the recovered files in a zip archive to save disk space
  • Available for both Windows ( NTFS, FAT ) and Mac OS X ( HFS+, HFSx ) users

CardRecoveryPro is rated as a proper mean to unformat your lost / deleted data from your flash cards, hard drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, etc. Through this tool it's possible for you to recover all your corrupted data as it has the ability to restore data from flash cards of all brands.||Why users go for CardRecoveryPro?

CardRecoveryPro Instrument comes with variety of features which will make the process of data recovery very easy. It provides you an easy-to-use interface which guides you through the whole recovery process. This tool is developed using highly advanced algorithms which comprises of powerful scanning engines which will scan your entire drive to find all the lost files. Hence it is more accurate and efficient tool which we can rely upon.

More with CardRecoveryPro: Offers recovery of lost or deleted files from different types and brands of memory cards. You can easily perform file recovery from SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, MMC card, XD card and many more. If you are using Sony SDHC card and want to know how to perform Sony professional SDHC card recovery, just hit the given link.

Usage of demo version cannot offer user to store obtained information. If you wish to hoard the result on any storage drive then you have to purchase complete application.

  • I : Daily or weekly take necessary backup of your Canon CF card
  • II : Avoid using compact flash memory card in different systems
  • III : Make sure while deleting any file from CF card
  • IV : When your media gadget shows low battery message, stops using it
  • V : Employ trustworthy antivirus utility to remove virus contents
  • VI : Do not make use of full memory card capacity

Comments (7) Mar.18th Edit

Rafael Sergio Says:

Program is awesome and saved my life by restoring pictures from a Baltic cruise that were accidentally deleted.

Rosendo Blick Says:

My daughter's external hard drive became corrupted and it held irreplaceable work photos. I quickly recovered the files. It was made so easy. Not worried about data loss any more haha. I am very impressed with the software for ease of use and clarity of guidance, I previewed several alternatives but they fell short of this software. It certainly saved the day and I am delighted.

Terrell Loman Says:

I was much relieved when I was able to recovery quite a bit of the lost videos. I purchased the suite which was amazingly affordable. I am happy to report that I have been able to recover all of my missing photos and videos and only had to reinstall my photo album software.

Support Different Cards:

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Scan your memory card or hard disk, find the deleted photos.


Select the photos,videos or audios you want to recover in the scan result


Recovered photos can be found in the destination folder